The drug crazed Miami Man who was shot and killed by Police, after eating another man's face has been named as Rudy Eugene. The man who Eugene attacked, believed to be homeless, is still unnamed and in a critical condition in hospital after having 80% of his face eaten off.

This video surveillance footage contains images some people may find offensive. Here the two naked men were discovered off a busy intersection off a main road following a call from a passer-by. A police officer approached the scene and saw a naked man named as Eugene gnawing on the face of another man. The officer called for the man to back away but he ignored the order and the policeman responded by shooting him once. The man continued his attack after being shot; leading the officer to fire several more shots.

According to Eugene's ex-wife he is described as having a violent history which led to the break-up of his marriage. Police believe Eugene had taken LSD or other synthetic drugs prior to the attack which causes violent and psychotic behaviour. Miami police have said they are still calling for witnesses to come forward about the crazed attack.

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Written and Presented by Ann Salter