Just like a scene from a zombie movie, residents in Denmark are now going gaga after millions of dead minks "rose" from their graves.

West Jutland, the area where many COVID-19 cases were linked to infected minks, has gotten social media attention as well as national and international news coverage after culled minks were seen to have "risen" from their graves. Although it may be a terrifying sight, science can still explain the apocalyptic phenomenon.

The Guardian reported that Thomas Kristensen, a Danish police spokesman, said that gases form and build up as the bodies of dead minks start decaying underground. He added that the worst case that can transpire when gases build up is that the mink carcasses will be pushed out of the ground.

Due to the discovery of a mutated strain of the novel coronavirus, Denmark made the tough decision to cull their 15 million mink population. The burial of the culled minks was rushed and shallow graves were made for the deceased animals. The graves were a bit over three feet in depth. Because of the "zombie minks" that were pushed out of the shallow graves, state officials have made plans to bury the minks in graves that would be almost double the initial depth. The area would also be monitored until they are able to set up a fence.

Based on a report made by Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper, there were many who grew concerned over the proximity of the graves to water sources and rivers. Many fear that the dead minks will contaminate the water supply in the area. There were already two mayors who suggested that they would burn the minks so as to prevent water contamination.

Susan Munster, a member of the Danish water board, stated that it would seem no one really knows what the consequences are. She also said that she finds the circumstances bothersome.

Leif Brogger, a local politician, also alleged that the authorities are playing with the environment by using the area as a dumping ground.

Photos and videos of the dead "zombie minks" rising from the graves have already circulated on social media. Twitter has been replete with posts of the said minks.

As for the Danish environment ministry, the horrific phenomenon was a "temporary problem," which was tied to the mink's decaying process.

Denmark Zombie Minks
Zombie minks in Denmark "rise" from graves. Photo: Pixabay