And so the eagerly awaited figures from the Office for National Statistics 2011 census revealed the first detailed results today, in comparison to the 2001 census. Covering, religion, ethnicity, living arrangements and economic activity in England and wales.

The population has grown by 3.7m in the 10 years since the last census, rising from 52.4m in 2001 - an increase of 7.1%; meaning 13% of people are now born outside the UK. With the highest figures coming from India, Poland, Pakistan, Ireland and Germany.

Most residents of England and Wales were white (86%) ,however this is a decrease of five percentage points since 2001. And the mixed-race population has gone above a million for the first time. And surprisingly London has become the first region where white British people have become a minority.

As regards religion, Christianity is down 13 percentage points to 59%, but pockets of London are seeing a big rise. No religion was put at 25.1% but as the second biggest religion after Christianity 2.7 million people follow Islam in line with the rise of the Muslim population up from 3% to 4.8%

London has the highest percentage of residents describing themselves as in very good health: 50%. The north-east has the lowest: 44%. Home ownership (including owning home outright) falls from 69% to 65%. 46.6% are married, down from 50.9% in 2001. 27% have degree-level qualifications; 23% have no qualifications. The Office for National Statistics said the findings showed a "diverse" and "changing" pictur

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