Throughout this week on the 30th Anniversary of the start of the 74 day Falklands War, we will be bringing you the stories, interviews and footage of the historic conflict that saw 255 British and 650 Argentinian troops die. This anniversary comes amid new tensions as Argentina is asserting its right to self-rule of the Islands.

To mark the anniversary of the start of the conflict, soldiers with bowed heads paid tributes to the fallen.

Argentina invaded the Islands on the 2nd April, known locally as Las Malvinas, which they claim has has sovereignty directly from Spain. The Islands and islanders have been under British rule since 1883, and this hostile move was seen as an act of aggression against the British.

Sharon Halford who is a Falklands Islander expressed her concern over Argentina's latest posturing to secure ownership of the islands.

Mr Cameron said in a statement to mark the occasion that the anniversary should be a day to remember the Argentinians and British troops who died in the conflict. He also added Britain would not compromise on the islanders' right to self-go.