A six-year-old boy died while his father is fighting for his life in an alleged case of food poisoning at a holiday resort in Egypt.

Antonio Mirabile, 46, was on vacation with his pregnant wife Rosalia Manosperti and their son at the Red Sea beach resort of Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt, when he and his son fell sick.

The woman also suffered mild symptoms but she is in a stable condition. However, her son could not be saved. "They were constantly throwing up. They left on June 26 and had to stay in Egypt for two weeks. They had been planning that vacation for months," said Rosalia's brother, Roberto Manosperti, according to The Mirror.

He added that his brother-in-law thinks that he somehow ingested pool water and that was responsible for them falling sick. They were given medication for it but their health did not improve. The symptoms continued to worsen and the family was forced to call an ambulance on Saturday.

The medics tried to resuscitate the young boy for more than an hour, but he could not be saved. The father meanwhile, is in intensive care with "symptoms of the onset of kidney failure."

"We have no definite information on the conditions of my brother-in-law," added Roberto. The boy's post-mortem has already been conducted but there is no clarity about the cause of the death yet.

The family are from Italy and are waiting for some news on Mirabile's condition. "We don't see any escape routes from this nightmare, we want to experience our pain together at home in Italy, but we don't know how to do it," said the brother-in-law.

The resort has witnessed multiple tragedies over the last few weeks. Recently, two women were killed in shark attacks at the popular Egyptian resort.

An Austrian woman was viciously mauled to death by a shark while snorkelling at the bay of Sahl Hasheesh on Egypt's Red Sea coast on Friday. Another woman lost her life in a separate shark attack on Sunday just 650ft away, but the woman has not been identified yet.

5. Red Sea holiday in Egypt
The image shows Nema bay in Egyptian Red sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. REUTERS/Aladin Abdel Naby