One pet grooming business in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire is getting a lot of love this holiday season, thanks to an adorable recreation of the nativity scene, using their four-legged customers. Jo Kingston, the owner of Wags To Riches shared the image in early December following which it has been shared and retweeted numerous times.

The photo shows a total of seven dogs, posing for the camera on a bed of hay. Six of the adults are seen wearing towels on their heads in the typical style depicted of the time. The scene even features a crib with a tiny puppy meant to represent Jesus.

According to BBC, the photo has earned over 83,000 likes on Twitter not to mention the thousands of shares on Facebook. Kingston, who runs the grooming centre with her husband, said "it's gone bonkers" of the viral effect of the image.

"I woke up and somebody tagged me in this photo saying, 'Jo, you've gone viral'," she recalled. "I've had so many people messaging me.

"People love seeing the dogs - especially with towels on their heads," she added, saying she saw similar images on the internet and wanted to recreate one herself.

While the serious expressions of the dogs are definitely priceless, the internet has fallen in love with the "puppy Jesus".

"OMG! Look at the puppy in the manger," one person gushed on Facebook, while another person on Twitter commented: "I know, isn't that adorable? I'm all heart eyes over it."

Kingston said that it was easy enough to take the photo, "as long as you've got food and you've got the right dogs".

"I'd seen it on the internet before, I'm not the first to do it," she added.