Alberto Del Rio, who is currently working as Alberto El Patron at Impact Wrestling, has revealed the reason he left the WWE in 2015.

Paige's fiancé El Patron was fired from the company in 2014 but returned in 2015 before leaving in October the same year. He was booted out of the company because he hit a social media manager for making a racist joke.

El Patron opened up about his departure from his former promotion during an interview with ESPN. He said the main reason he left the company was because of the hectic schedule.

"That's actually the main reason I decided to leave WWE, the brutal schedule that you have when you work for a company like WWE. I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to be on the road for 210-220 days per year," El Patrón said.

He said because he was frustrated with the work load at his former promotion he started having talks with Impact Wrestling. El Patrón, however, was not happy with the initial offer his current promotion made to him.

"'There's no way I'm gonna do those dates because I also have my dates with Combates America, the MMA company," he said.

He started working at Impact Wrestling after he was offered a deal he found to be appropriate, which was reached after negotiating on the number of dates he would work at the company.

"If I put all of those dates with you guys, I'm gonna end up doing what I was doing with WWE and that's something that I don't want," he said. "I want to be able to enjoy my ride. Of course I want to continue doing pro wrestling shows, but my time is for my family."

"So if you guys aren't comfortable with this, I can give you this number amount of dates, and I promise I will give you my best.' And of course they said yes. That's the reason they're happy with me. I'm happy with them."

Alberto Del Rio
Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio