Alberto Salazar has issued an open letter to refute recent accusations made against him, insisting that he will never permit doping and has never condoned or encouraged any athlete to use banned substances.

The 56 year old, who serves as head coach of Mo Farah at the Nike Oregon Project in the US, has been the subject of intense scrutiny over recent weeks following the broadcast of a BBC Panorama programme and an investigation by ProPublica that both allege he has previously violated anti-doping rules.

"I will never permit doping," he said. "Oregon Project athletes must fully comply with the WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] Code and IAAF [International Association of Athletics Federations] rules. At no time do we use science in violation of the WADA Code. We strictly adhere to competition and anti-doping rules at all times.

"I have not and will not condone any athlete I train using a banned substance, and would never encourage any athlete to use a banned substance. We have worked very, very hard to achieve our successes and are proud of our accomplishments.

"My drive and determination as an athlete is well-known. I pushed myself as far as my body could go. In fact, I trained and ran so hard it nearly killed me and I still suffer today the negative physical effects of my excessive training. I have that same drive and determination as a coach, combined with much more wisdom. I push my athletes to be the best but will not hurt my athletes like I hurt myself."

One of the allegations made against Salazar relates to 2012 Olympic silver medallist Galen Rupp, who it is claimed was administered the banned anabolic steroid testosterone when he was just 16.

"Galen is one of the hardest-working, most honest and genuine athletes I have ever known. Galen has never taken a banned substance in violation of the WADA Code," Salazar continued.

"It is wholly unjust that Galen is expected to dispel unfounded allegations, made without proof or evidence, and I would ask that the media consider this important fact. In light of these extremely damaging and false allegations Galen has been left little choice but to share his medical and TUE [Therapeutic Use Exemption] history to dispel these baseless accusations.

"Galen has suffered severe allergies and breathing issues almost his entire life. He also suffers from Hashimotos disease, a thyroid disease. He has a significant history of hypothyroidism on both sides of his family. Allegations that Galen takes asthma and thyroid medicine for competitive purposes are inaccurate and hurtful.

"Galen takes asthma medication so he can breathe normally – not so he can run better."

Rupp also denies any accusations.

Part one of Salazar's full response can be found on the Oregon Project's official website here.

Part two is available here.