Marijuana plant
A new study has found that marijuana is considerably safer than alcohol Reuters

Marijuana is roughly 114 times safer to consume than alcohol, new research has suggested. A study published in Scientific Reports looked to quantify the risk of death from a host of intoxicants and found that those who consume marijuana are by far the least at risk.

Those who drink alcohol however are more at risk than heroin, cocaine and meth users when the researchers compared lethal doses of said substances with the average amount that one would use. Smoking cannabis is obviously comes with its risks, but the report concluded that it is "safer than alcohol", the Washington Post informed.

Although this isn't a ground-breaking discovery, it does support previous research which concludes that alcohol is riskier to take.

The report states: "Our MOE [Margin of Exposure] results confirm previous drug rankings based on other approaches. Specifically, the results confirm that the risk of cannabis may have been overestimated in the past.

"At least for the endpoint of mortality, the MOE for THC/cannabis in both individual and population-based assessments would be above safety thresholds (e.g. 100 for data based on animal experiments). In contrast, the risk of alcohol may have been commonly underestimated."