Alexandra Burke is apparently running scared, after she received death threats through social networking Web site Twitter.

The tweet read: "I'm going to kill you tonight" and included references to being stabbed and having a brick thrown at her. The final message read: "Prepare to die".

The messages, understandably, rather scared the "X Factor" star.

"The messages totally freaked Alexandra out. She immediately contacted Twitter to request the user be blocked and asked for the account to be removed. Her mum, Melissa, was so freaked out she decided to call the police. The police agreed to meet Alex at the entry of the club when she arrived and escort her in," a source told the Metro.

The threats have led Burke to tighten security around her, particularly since she was out and about, launching her Lip Booms Gloss Lipstick.

"Her own teams weren't taking any chances. Her management decided to draft in extra security to be by her side all night. It could have been nothing more than a disgusting bluff but no one was willing to take any chances after Leona Lewis was attacked a few years ago. Every threat has to be taken seriously - if something happened, Alex's team would never forgive themselves," the source added.

On a more pleasant note, the singer was ecstatic about her new lip gloss.

"#Boom! So excited!"@SelectModelMgmt: We can't WAIT to celebrate the launch of @alexandramusic new lipstick brand LIPBOOM I am so excited to announce that I am launching a new lip range called LipBoom with @muacosmetics! Can't wait 4 2night!" she tweeted.

Finally, Burke was also involved in a little bit of controversy of her own making, after being warned against filming sections of her new video, for the single "Let it Go", in the Metro. A Daily Mail report described her costume for the occasion as a sparkly gold bra and skin-tight leggings. She paired the look with lace-up boots and her long black hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail.

The problem, though, was the singer did not have permission to conduct the shoot and the authorities had to come down and warn her against shooting during a busy weekend.