Amazon Kindle 6in
The 6in Kindle is a class-leading ereader with the basic version retailing for less than £70 Amazon

Amazon is set to unveil a new model of the hugely successful ebook reader Kindle in the coming week. CEO Jeffrey Bezos made the announcement via Twitter saying readers would know more about the 8th generation Kindle by next week.

Not much is known about the upcoming Kindle model. Amazon's current flagship Kindle Voyage is considered a very good device but expensive ereader, at $200 (£140). In contrast, its Kindle Paperwhite, which sells for $120, has been a hit among book lovers.

Amazon also has the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet, which is pricier, and a budget Kindle for about $70-$80.

Amazon recently updated the interface on all of its devices with fresh Bookerly font, designed specifically for legibility on ereaders, along with a new typesetting engine for a more book-like appearance on screen. The new interface also makes it easier to access settings and has the ability to share books and excerpts with friends on social media.

Although an array of ereaders has hit the market with Kobo gaining much popularity, the Kindle remains the most popular when it comes to reading. Users have time and again rated the Kindle to be an overall package with easy access to the Amazon store book collection and text reflected in a way that no other display has been able to emulate.

The Kobo Aura H2O, a close competitor of the Kindle Paperwhite, is waterproof. We think this time Amazon may have considered its competition and added such a feature in the 8th generation Kindle, given that many of us take our Kindle along while on the beach or at the poolside. Improved or expandable storage would also be a nice addition.

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