Many speculations have built up Apple's timeline of device releases this 2019. While Apple has yet to announce any new iPhones, iPads or other devices, many fans know that this company won't leave them hanging. Here's what we know about the potential Apple releases this 2019.

First Half of 2019

According to Macrumors, many Apple devices will be announced or released in the spring of 2019. So far, the iPad Mini 5, next generation iPad, 7th generation iPod touch, AirPods 2, AirPower charging mat, Apple News Service, Apple News Magazine Service, Streaming TV Service and the iOS 12.2 update have been rumored to be unveiled soon. Fortunately, Apple is said to have an upcoming event this March that will hopefully provide some insight into their 2019 plans.

But the company has already shown that it will focus on its new services over their devices this year. So far, the Apple News Service, Apple News Magazine Service and the Streaming TV Service seem to be the most likely to come out from Apple soon due to their focus on releasing and improving their services rather than devices, as mentioned at the CES 2019.

Worldwide Developers Conference

Every June, Apple has the annual Worldwide Developers Conference where they usually announce their gadget releases for the year. Based on Apple's statement at the CES 2019, we may see more service announcements instead of news about the iPhone XI and other devices during this year's conference. Many speculations also supported the statement that Apple's releases would mostly be software updates, and only the iOS 13 update, CarPlay update, macOS 10.15, tvOS13 and watchOS 6 could possibly be launched during this event.

Late 2019

Based on the usual Apple trends, the company tends to release their latest iPad, iPhone and other flagship devices in the latter half of the year, though not always. Potentially, we might able to see the iPhone XI and even the next generation of their other devices like the AirPods 2 during the fall or winter. Moreover, devices such as the iPhone SE 2, next Apple Watch and other Apple devices that have not had a followup for a few years now could also be unveiled.

However, take this release schedule with a grain of salt as most of the device release news comes mostly from speculations. Apple seems to be committed to its focus on services over devices for 2019. We'll have to wait for more announcements to know what else the company has in store for us.