If you're a footy fan and an Apple junky, then you'll be between and rock and a hard place tonight. But don't worry I've solved it for you – have the England match on the radio and then you can read our live blog as the details of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (or WWDC 12 as it's snappily called) unfolds between your very eyes.

Known for getting superstar celebs, like Samuel L Jackson to help sell their products (check out him using Siri on his iPhone 4S to remind him what to do on his Date Night!), Apple might well be revealing some more snazzy tidbits for avid fans to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

What we do know is we're going to hear about the new iOS 6 operating system which might well see the default mapping service Google Maps booted out and Apple's own in-house mapping solution taking the hot seat.

Also to follow up on the launch of iCloud back in October, there's most probably going to be an announcement about how they're going to build on it. Tim Cook describing iCloud as a strategy for the next decade is a big clue. So expect news on some new features like web apps, better photo sharing and a Photo Stream for videos to be on the cards.

The iphone already has Retina Display so we might hear of a new release of MacBooks and iMacs with that feature. Plus a hint on Apple TV's future too! WWDC 12 kicks off from 6pm London time with it being liveblogged by our Tech Editor.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole.