David Cameron mulls defeat over Syria action vote
David Cameron mulls defeat over Syria action vote

Over 200 civil servants and senior officials are earning more than the prime minister, new figures reveal.

David Cameron may have publicly attacked rocketing public sector remuneration, but the highest paid officials and civil servants earn twice his £142,500 salary, according to statistics released by the Cabinet Office.

The data also revealed that five out of the top six highest earning public officials all work for the Green Investment Bank (GIB), which was launched in October last year with £3.8bn of taxpayer money to encourage low-carbon investment.

The UK's top paid official was Ian Nolan, the bank's chief investment officer, who earns between £330,000 and £334,999 a year, according to reports in the Times.

The former private equity boss lives in a £4m country home in Dorking, Surrey, complete with swimming pool and tennis court.

The GIB's chief executive, Shaun Kingsbury, was the second-highest earner, paid between £325,000 and £329,999.

The bank's head of transactions, general operations director and chief risk office were also among the top 10 best-paid officials.

Between them the six GIB executives take home a total of £1.5m a year.

Highest-earning civil servants

Ian Nolan - Chief Investment officer (GIB) - £333,000

Shaun Kingsbury - Chief executive (GIB) - £325,000

Dennis Hone - Chief executive, (Olympic Delivery Authority) - £310,000

Anthony Marsh - Head transactions/portfolio, (GIB) - £275,000

Rob Cormie - General operations director, (GIB) - £275,000

Peter Knott - Chief risk officer (GIB) - £275,000