Batista is interested in having another WWE run and even pitched a storyline to Vince McMahon of him feuding with Triple H that would culminate into a big fight. The idea was rejected but there is always a chance of 'The Animal' making a comeback with a fight against another wrestler.

The wrestler-turned-actor, whose last appearance came at NXT in June 2014, on Chris Jericho's recent Talk Is Jericho podcast revealed that he would love to fight former WWE champion Bray Wyatt.

"Well, the new guys that I did like, they're not really new anymore. Bray Wyatt. I thought he was incredible. I love everything about that kid," the Guardian Of The Galaxy star said as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

Batista said he would like to work with The Eater Of Worlds as he is "super athletic" and his microphone work is strong.

"I would've loved to have worked with him. Yeah, and super athletic. He can go! I love that kid. He can run his mouth too. And personally I just like him," Batista said, adding "[there is] nothing real pretentious about him. He just wants to work and have good matches and I think he's super talented. But he'd be at the top of my list."

The 48-year-old former wrestler also said he would like to fight Titus O'Neil, who is a close friend of his.

"Titus is my boy. I would love to go and do something with him, whether it's against him or tag with him, but I'd love it just so I can say that we did because we have never gotten the chance to work together and I've known him for years," he said. The WWE handled The Real Deal's suspension poorly and the wrestler should have moved out of the company, he added.

While Batista has been talking about returning to the company in recent days, and picking out stars he wants to fight, the company is yet to show its interest as it usually does by sharing videos or photos or simply talking about the wrestler on its website, YouTube channel and social media.

Former WWE superstar Batista