Kurt Angle's pro-wrestling career is filled with its fair share of ups and downs, but there is this moment from his past that the WWE Universe wishes never happens to the star if he ever steps in the squared circle again as an active wrestler.

The Olympic Hero who, after returning to the WWE as the general manager of Raw following his induction into the Hall of Fame, has been talking about making an in-ring return. He recently held a Q&A session on his official Facebook page and discussed a number of topics; one of them was his worst moment in WWE as a wrestler.

"Continuously breaking my neck. 4 times in 2 1/2 years. I kept rushing back to WWE by convincing my own doctor to clear me and that I was ready to return. I wasn't. That was tough. Kudos to WWE for not allowing that anymore. Now you have to be cleared by a WWE doctor and they are strict," the 48-year-old said.

Angle also revealed who, according to him, performs the toughest wrestling move in the company.

"Sonjay Dutt has a move where he does a back flip off the top rope and lands with his feet on his opponents chest. I popped loudly when I first saw it. Incredible accuracy. If u haven't seen it look for it," he said.

He then praised Cruiserweight champion Neville and explained why the latter will become a main eventer in the future.

"I really like Neville. He has the ability to cross over from the 205 division to the HWT division. He's so talented as a wrestler, and his character is strong," Angle said. "He can speak very well and his style will mesh well with the heavyweights. Almost like Rey Mysterio was able to mesh with the big boys. Neville is very talented."

Kurt Angle
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