Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle ruled the WWE for a spell in the early 2000s as 'Team ECK', and the trio have reunited for the latest episode of WWE Network's Table for 3, sharing tales from their time on the road together – as well as the prodigious eating habits of a certain current WWE champ.

The Olympic Hero and WWE Hall of Famer revealed that Brock Lesnar "wasn't a healthy eater" when they travelled together during their first runs in the company.

"Oh yeah, that was kind of different, huh? Yeah, Brock wasn't a healthy eater. Yeah, yeah, he ate whatever he wanted. He'd have two big milkshakes. He'd have fried food. Big farm boy, I guess calories were important to him because that's all he did. He'd consume 15,000 calories a day," Angle said.

Edge was the third companion in the vehicle. "This was a car for a while. It was you, Brock, and I. I felt safe in that one," he said.

Also in the show, Christian reveals why he banned the fourth member of Team ECK, Rhyno, from riding in his car for life. It stems from an incident when Rhyno ditched him for Matt "Tensai" Bloom when Captain Charisma was meant to be the third person riding in the vehicle.

"So I hung up and we got to the town and he goes, 'you're not mad at me, are you?' I said, 'I'm not mad, but here's the thing, any rental car, you're banned from riding with me for life'."

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