Beyoncé wowed the world with her halftime Super Bowl performance in February - but it looks like somebody is after Queen B's crown.

Vanessa Hudgens performed what she called a "booty poppin'' dance worthy of an honorary place in Destiny's Child during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The actress was on the chat show to promote her new movie, Spring Breakers, but soon got sidetracked while recounting a party she attended thrown by Madonna.

She explained that she felt like a grandmother complaining about the music until Madonna's dancers challenged one another to a dance-off.

"I thought 'I gotta jump in on this action'," she told Leno. "They need some of Vanessa up in this."

The impromptu dance came after her attempts to describe the dancing style that helped her win the dance-off failed.

Dressed in a sequined yellow knee-length dress paired with strappy gold heels, the 24-year-old started moving her chest back and forth and pumping her arms but stayed sitting.

Leno interrupted: "I'm old, I don't understand what that means. There must be some kind of demonstration." She then jumped up to perform the dance, jiggling her hips.

Spring Breakers, a thriller which gives Hudgens the chance of shaking off her High School Musical goofy girl image, hits UK cinemas on Friday. It co-stars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and James Franco as friends who decide that the only way they can afford a break in Florida is to commit robbery.