Snapshots from Celebrity Big Brother
Snapshots from Celebrity Big Brother Channel 5

Just when people thought Big Brother was done and dusted with, the T.V. programme comes back with a bang, and as flatmates face humiliating tasks, audiences get higher.

Today's stories revolve around John Bercow's wife, Sally Bercow, terrible twins Jedwards and TOWIE star Amy Child's.

First on the list, is Mrs Bercow, accused of committing one of the most punishable crimes: passing wind live on T.V..

Gaddafi had until now mastered the dubious art of live farting (as he famously did during an interview with the BBC's with John Simpson), but Bercow it seems involuntarily upset her Big Brother flatmates.

Kerry Katona was the first to speak out about the incident when she described how she and Lucien were drifting off to sleep when she suddenly heard the sound of someone breaking wind loudly in the adjacent bed.

Kerry also told Darryn, she first thought Paddy Doherty was responsible for the faux pas as the fart was so loud "it sounded like a man" but later realised in indeed came from Sally Bercow.

More humiliation followed after Kerry Katona, Sally Bercow and Bobby Sabel, who are all up for eviction on Friday have been set a shopping task to spend three days as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

They were called into the Diary Room and asked to put on plaits and blue farm dresses made famous by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie.

Then Big Brother told them they were chosen as they represent the toughest contestant in the house, who was the wicked, and who is in need of a brain.

Paparazzo guru Darren Lyons was also nominated as the Tin Man, and will now be set a task to prove he has a heart.

Finally, fake weddings are apparently back in fashion after Amy Childs became Mrs Jedward last night after the couple tied the knot in a joke ceremony, conducted by Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff.

The TOWIE star proved she is not high maintenance as the rings were made out of kitchen tin foil while her bridesmaid for the day was Kerry Katona.

The happy couple chose to exchange personal vows which included John promising to let Amy do "whatever you want to do" and to follow her everywhere "like a dog on a lead", how romantic?

Amy retorted by promising to give John a spray tan whenever he likes and the pair sealed their 'marriage' with a kiss.

Kerry, Sally,and Bobby Sabel all face eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house this Friday.