As the family of Bobbi Kristina Brown mourn her tragic passing, a photograph of the 22 year old laying in her casket has been sold for six figures. TMZ has reported that a media outlet forked out hundreds of thousands of dollars for the image. This picture shows the body of the aspiring actress at the viewing some hours before she was laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery in Westfeld, New Jersey.

Bobbi Kristina passed away on 26 July 2015 at Atlanta's Peachtree Christian Hospice, almost six months after she was found unconscious in a bathtub at her home. She was laid to rest beside her mother, who died at The Beverly Hills Hotel, California in 2012. The official coroner's report ruled that the My Love is Your Love singer accidentally drowned because of heart disease and chronic cocaine use.

According to the celebrity news site, the latest incident has reignited a long-standing feud between the Brown and Houston families, since the same thing happened three years ago when Houston's casket photo ended up on the cover of a magazine. Bobby Brown's sister Leolah Brown, who recently claimed that Houston and her daughter had been murdered in a shocking Facebook post, had to be removed from a memorial service for Bobbi Kristina on Saturday (1 August) following an outburst. Outside, she told members of the press:

"Whitney will haunt Pat Houston from the grave. She will haunt her. Pat, it's not over. It has just begun. It has just begun. ... I say that because I have information, I have evidence, I have knowledge of who Pat really is, and she is not any relation whatsoever to Krissi. She's not even a Houston, she's a Garland. But Pat Houston has – this is going to be a long, drawn-out thing. Trust me. It's not over."

Earlier in July, TMZ reported that an image of Bobbi Kristina laying unresponsive in her hospice bed was being shopped around. The publication confirmed that it been approached, but declined to purchase or publish the controversial photograph taken by "an extended family member".

In the wake of the scandal, Bobby Brown's sister Leolah denied claims that a member of the Brown family was responsible for taking, and attempting to sell, the image.

"My brothers know this and we have already determined who we are sure it was not. And believe me − it was not a Brown!" she said at the time.