It has been reported that a British national is the latest foreign worker to be held hostage, by an Al Qaeda linked terrorist organisation, at a part owned BP owned oil field in Algeria. The motive for the attack is believed to be a linked to the French military action in Mali.

So far eight foreign nationals are understood to have been kidnapped by the group, including a 36-year-old married man from Northern Ireland, who was travelling on an Irish passport. With reports of the death of a French citizen according to the AP news agency, who quoted an Algerian security official. But this has not been confirmed.

The Foreign Office did confirm that a "terrorist" incident was on going and BP have released a statement which said that it has activated its emergency response system and is setting up a helpline for relatives."

It has been reported that the Algerian army have since surrounded the militants and their hostages and that negotiations had started. I am Ann Salter thanks for watching. Stay tuned for the latest news on the BP hostage story with me at

Written and presented by Ann Salter