Edward Devenney, a former Royal Navy petty officer was today jailed for 8 years for trying to pass on Britain's nuclear submarine secrets to two men from MI5 who were pretending to be Russian spies.

Mr Justice Saunders, sentencing him at the Old Bailey, said Devenney, who served on HMS Vigilant had been with the Royal Navy for 11 and a half years of service, knew what he was doing when he met the two men in January. He added: I am satisfied that in the wrong hands, this information was capable of affecting the operational effectiveness of nuclear submarines.

Lord Carlile, defending, read a letter from Devenney to the court that said: "I have brought great shame to my family, loved ones and the submarine service.

It was acknowledged that at the time of the offence Devenney was drinking heavily, and had just been cleared of rape. He had asked for a training course for promotion to be deferred for a year but was warned he faced the sack after prolonged absences without leave. And it was believed that this lack of support from the Navy was what prompted Devenney to pass on navy secrets.

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