The Undertaker
The Undertaker makes his entrance at WrestleMania 32 WWE

Bruce Prichard has opened up about how the character of The Undertaker came into existence. The Deadman's original manager, Brother Love said he had to convince Vince McMahon to sign Mark Calaway for WWE.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, the former producer of WWE said he was so impressed with Mark Calaway when he broke out in the wrestling world that he told Vince McMahon about him.

"We've got this guy, 'Mean Mark,' [Calaway's ring name when he performed at World Championship Wrestling (WCW)] and he would fit in really well here," Prichard told WWE CEO Vince McMahon, who initially wasn't interested in the wrestler because all he saw was "a tall, red-headed basketball player."

"You've got to see this guy work. His s*** is great. He's convincing, he's a big b*******, and he'd make a great opponent for Hogan [Hogan]. Plus, I have an idea; I'd like to manage him," he said.

Prichard first pitched in the idea of Cain from the Old Testament as his character Brother Love was a play on evangelism.

"My idea was, simply, for him to be the yin to my yang. I was Brother Love, the purest of pure and pure as snow, and he was the black to my white. I had to reign in this evil, who wore black and would be dark as night. In my eyes, he would be the anti-Brother Love, but together, we'd be this unstoppable force," he said, Sports Illustrated reports.

But when McMaho sent the idea to concept department, they send back drawing of a man in all-back attire resembling an undertaker.

"Oh my god," Vince said. "He looks like an old timey undertaker."

But Prichard wanted Calaway's ring name to be Kane. He eventually agreed with Kane The Undertaker, which was dropped after two weeks, and the rest is history.