Sting has reportedly asked WWE for a final fight against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, which is scheduled for 2 April 2017. However, it is unclear whether he would be allowed the same. The Hall of Famer fighter is recovering from a neck injury, which he suffered during a match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions last year.

Sting had talked about his desire to fight the Undertaker on WWE's Legends with JBL.

"Yeah, that's the unfinished business. I've always wanted to have that match. I know wrestling fans have always wanted to see it too" Sting said, referring to a match with The Undertaker.

Sting also disclosed that he has not operated on his neck because it would mean the end of his career.

"I am supposed to have surgery, but I'm having so many mixed messages out there. And the one thing I keep hearing is 'if you're not having side effects and you're okay, then don't do it,'" Sting had said.

According to Forbes, Sting's age (57) and his injury might play against his push for the fight against the Deadman (51) at WrestleMania 33. The report said that WWE might not be inclined at all to put Sting in the ring.

In February this year another wrestler Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from WWE due to injury.

"Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I'll have a chance to elaborate. #gratitude," Bryan wrote on Twitter. However, the 35-year-old has returned as the on-screen general manager of SmackDown Live.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker makes his entrance at WrestleMania 32 WWE