Bugatti Noun Toaster
The Bugatti Noun glass toaster - the first toaster that can cook meat and vegetables, as well as toast bread Bugatti

If you're collecting smart appliances of the future and would like a new gadget to add to your smart fridge, vacuum cleaner and TV, then you might be interested in a smart toaster from Italy that can even cook meat.

Italian appliance maker Bugatti (no relation to the prestige French car manufacturer) has announced the Bugatti Noun, a new smart toaster featuring transparent glass ceramic slots and layers of semi-conductors, instead of the traditional metal slots and grills.

Bugatti took two years to perfect its patented FIR (Far Infrared technology), which enables bread, meat, seafood or vegetables to be cooked within the slots, as long as the items of food can fit into a heat-resistant bag.

You can also control the toaster using the B Chef app on either your smartphone or tablet, and the app also shares useful recipes with step-by-step guides on how to cook each dish.

The appliance maker says toast can be ready in just 50 seconds using the Bugatti Noun toaster, and it takes only 80 seconds for the glass slots to reach a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Farenheit).

The power of glass

Clemente Bugatti, managing director of Bugatti, told IBTimes UK that he was first inspired to build the toaster travelling on an airplane flight, when the pilot kindly showed him around the cockpit and explained to him how ceramic glass worked.

"It all began a few years ago during a flight. The pilot aimed right into the middle of the cloud, and he said that inside the cloud, many micro ice particles hit the front of the plane, but the nose of the plane is protected by ceramic varnish," said Bugatti.

"When I asked him about the windows in the cockpit, he said that they are made from ceramic glass and that they don't need window wipers as they are protected by a layer of film which has some kind of resistance.

"And so I started thinking, how many things can you do with a transparent resistance over glass?"

Through some research and by talking to a Boeing engineer, Bugatti discovered that the film covering the airplane window was a semiconductor, and working with a ceramic glass manufacturer, managed to figure out how to bring up the temperature that the semiconductor could reach from 50 degrees Farenheit up to 300 degrees.

Infra-red rays

"This semiconductor technology [we designed] produces far infra-red rays that allow you to heat the food measuring up to 20mm in dimension both inside and outside. It means that, in the case of meat, these rays kill all toxins," Bugatti explained.

"The beauty of cooking by direct contact at the appropriate cooking temperature of the food means that you can avoid burning or carbonising the surface of the food itself."

The Bugatti Noun toaster will be available from October 2014 in Europe but will not be launched in the US until 2015, where it is awaiting regulatory approval.

It will also retail for at least $1,000 (£597.23, €734.70), making it officially the most expensive toaster on the market.