Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner came out as trans woman in 2015 Reuters

Caitlyn Jenner appeared in the latest episode of the Piers Morgan's ITV series Life Stories, but things went sour pretty soon and the reality TV star ended up calling the journalist "disrespectful" for asking her questions about her gender transition surgery.

During the interview, Caitlyn was shocked when Morgan pulled out an old doll of Bruce, which was released in the wake of his 1976 decathlon victory at the Montreal Olympic Games, to ask her about her gender transition surgery.

Caitlyn, who was born a man, was stunned at the host's disregard to her feelings. Morgan, however, insisted that he brought out the doll for a "genuine education", and asked, "How does your physique compare now. Obviously certain areas?"

The 68-year-old star fired back saying, "See you made a comment there and that is why you would get in trouble. OK? You just said, 'Certain areas?' That to a trans person is disrespectful."

She insisted that this is not a joke and continued to lash out at the host. "It is not funny. It is life. It is a very serious part of my life. I take that very seriously and so out of respect to myself and the community it is not something that you joke about. It is something as I said before ... this is serious. You can die over this issue. It is not a joke," the reality star added.

Morgan, who appeared lost for words, admitted his mistake and told her, "I was thinking I could make a flippant remark and I respect that."

The Life Of Cait star also recalled that she once considered suicide before undergoing gender reassignment surgery. She said, "There is a lot of pain in my life that I dealt with and it was not a joke and all the things I have done I take very seriously as it affects a lot of people ... I thought about suicide. That is the easy way out."

"That is how low you can get. Sometimes people do succeed in that and I thought, 'How stupid is that? I don't want my voice to be silenced. I want my voice to be heard? And I want to see if I can make a difference," Jenner added.

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