As iPhones and other smartphones become commonplace, so do stories of them being stolen, and now laptop lock maker Kensington has launched the Proximo, a Bluetooth alarm and app to alert you when your iPhone goes missing.

Kensington Proximo

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Consisting of an iPhone app, key fob and third tracking device, the Proximo set was announced at CES in Las Vegas this week and works by using Bluetooth to measure the distance between each device.

When one goes out of range, an alert on the other - which is, presumably, still in your possession - is sounded, and if the missing device has GPS then it can be tracked with the Kensington app installed on another device.

So if a thief helps himself to your iPhone, an alarm in your bag or pocket will sound, and if GPS on the phone is switched on, you can trace its location with another device, such as an iPad.

The kit costs £49.99, and you can buy additional tags for £19.99, adding up to five devices to be tracked with the iOS app.

The key fob, which is just 8mm thick and the size as a small USB stick, attaches to your keyring and pairs to your iPhone and any extra tags via an always-on Bluetooth connection that is claimed to last six months before needing a new battery - remaining life can be monitored from the app.

Via the iPhone app, users can set how far away the device can get before an alarm is sounded, although Bluetooth is usually only reliable up to ten meters away, so we'd imagine the distances on offer are less than that.