Kanye West considers himself the King of Rap, a perfectionist and a creative genius, so anyone willing to work with him must be made from some strong stuff. Chance The Rapper has given insights into the process, admitting that it was "insanity" but also "life-affirming".

Speaking to Teen Vogue, the Chicago native recalled a hectic scene involving a magician, coders and film producer. "He's very big on multitasking. We'll have a studio rented out, and he'll bounce between rooms working on different songs, writing for a second or adding or subtracting productions," he explained.

The No problem hitmaker, who collaborated with West on his 2016 album The Life Of Pablo, said: "He'll also put a bunch of people in a room that he thinks might have good ideas and try to see what they come up with. I remember one night we had a lady who produced the Lego film, a bunch of coding people, and a magician all in a room together trying to figure out how they could make him disappear onstage. I don't know if he ever figured that sh*t out!"

The talented songwriter reveals that time with in the studio with his mentor consists of "25 per cent of it is productive ideas flowing and then 75 per cent is lectures from Kanye, where he tells you exactly how he views the world – just very straight Kanye."

Chance the Rapper
Chance The Rapper has given insights into the process, admitting that it was 'insanity' Getty

However, the Grammy award-winning songwriter − who has worked with industry heavyweights including, John Legend, Madonna, R Kelly, Lil Wayne, and counts Beyonce as one of his biggest fans − appreciates West's tough love approach.

He said: "That definitely gets your creativity and strong opinions out on the floor. I think it helped me find myself. I'm a young dude from Chicago who grew up with Kanye as my image of hip-hop. Finding your voice in a room where you have to challenge Kanye is scary – but it's also life-affirming."