Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen lost his virginity to a prostitute when he was 15 Reuters

Charlie Sheen has revealed that losing his virginity to a prostitute at the tender age of 15 was the greatest night of his life.

The former Two and a Half Men star admitted that he stole his dad's credit card to pay for the night of passion with a flame-haired woman called Candy in a Las Vegas hotel room.

While his father Martin Sheen slept in the room next door, Charlie also paid for his 15-year-old cousin Joey to have sex with the same woman.

Charlie Sheen told Rolling Stone magazine: "I told Joey, 'Look, this is my dad's credit card, you're going second. He was thrilled. He didn't give a s**t. I remember having the greatest night of my life."

However, his little secret was exposed just two weeks later when his father found a mystery credit card transaction on his bill and his son confessed.

Sheen explained: "My father wanted to know about his Friendly Introductions LLC , Las Vegas, bill on his statement. I explained it.

"His whole concern was that I didn't mistake that for love. I'm still trying to process that one."

The actor, who has been married three times and has battled alchol and drug problems, added: "People think I'm a bit of a rogue, a cad, a lothario, a guy who's in a lot of s**t that would lead to a constellation of kink and oddities, and I'm not. I just love women. I love them."