Singer Cheryl Cole has rubbished the claim by a 20-year-old student that she kissed him on New Year.

Refuting the man's claim, Cole insisted it was a 9-year-old boy that she kissed during the New Year bash and even posted a picture.

"The best thing about the ridiculousness of this whole imaginary story/made up guy or whatever is that you all can plainly see what rubbish these papers ect talk. This is clearly a child! Look at him ! His name is Ben and he is 9 years old," she wrote.

"That's enough now. Come on now for goodness sake. This is a new level of stupid," she added.

Cole had also previously posted a photo with the student in question following which the whole story came up. However, she rubbished his side of the story.

Cheryl Cole
Cole with Tom Twitter/CherylCole

"I turned around and just said 'Hi!' I started talking to her, joking about how I was single. She laughed and stroked my face. She stroked my hair and started going mad. She kissed me on the lips and on the forehead. She was dancing on top of me with her arms around me, squeezing me. I thought, 'What the f*** is going on," Tom Julius, who is studying History at Oxford Brookes, said.

He also alleged that Cole had wanted more than just a kiss, but he turned her down.

"It was the biggest mistake of my life. I was a little nervous what might happen with all her bodyguards around. She was really friendly but obviously smashed," he told The Sun.

Meanwhile, Cole continued on Twitter:

"It's actually making me sad I had such a lovely new year and was more than happy to spend time and take pictures with people. Now somehow a 9 year old child who gave me a kiss has turned into me kissing a random 20yr old! Can't do right for doing wrong seriously. Anyway.. I hope you're all doing good, happy and ready for the New Year x."