British singer Cheryl Cole's latest single, Under The Sun, features a contemporary take on sixties fashion statements, the most striking of which is a yellow bra peeking out from her bolero (a short tailored jacket). The bolero-bra combination is paired with a coral-coloured pencil skirt... and the whole effect is one that reveals a saucy bit more than you'd expect for a 1960s ensemble.

The video has the brunette walking down the streets of a suburban set, complete with vintage cars and rather more correctly dressed housewives engaged in housewifely activities, before cutting to Cole relaxing on the hood of an old grey car. At that time, Cole is surrounded by men in suits who then, somehow, transform into bare-chested male dancers.

The Huffington Post described Cole's new look as that of a "saucy housewife in the swinging sixties complete with beehive, pencil skirt and a cardi. Very rock n roll!"

The single is the second release from her new album A Million Lights; her No 1 single Call My Name is now the fastest selling in 2012 so far. The latter video sported a rather different look - a more "urban chic" style. But Cole has admitted she is prouder of Under The Sun, which releases in the UK on 10 September, and Yahoo quoted her as saying she thought it was "the best work" she has done.

Meanwhile, Capital FM reported the Parachute singer was set to make some major revelations in her tell-all autobiography, to be released later this autumn. The book will, apparently, tell Cole's "full story in her own words" and will be published by HarperCollins on 11 October.

"Cheryl won't be writing much at all about her marriage. She will be penning her opinions about her and Ashley but there will be no more sordid revelations. Her fans might have been hoping for some real fireworks and her laying into Ashley but it won't be happening," a source was quoted as saying.