Two-time MVP Stephen Curry has already missed 35 games this season due to a hand injury. He is finally traveling and practicing with the Golden State Warriors. However, according to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, "There is a long way to go for him to heal and be ready to play in a game. He just started really getting onto the court shooting and moving around. He has ways to go, but it's good to see him out there."

So don't get your hopes up. Rehabilitation will take months, especially for a player known for their shooting. Even if they are healthy enough to play, no team will put a cold shooter in a game, even a two-time MVP and multiple record holder like Stephen Curry. It will take a while to get back into an NBA-caliber form.

According to Pro Sports Daily, the Warriors will wait until February 1 before reevaluating Curry and will then think about a timeline for his return. Coach Kerr believes that Curry should be able to play late in the season because players like him deserve to play, fans deserve to see him play, and Curry himself is dying to play. Kerr believes that putting Curry back in rotation as early as possible will give them an insight on how he will fit with young Golden State Warriors players, or rather how they would fit with him on the court.

Take a knee
Stephen Curry poses for a portrait during the Golden States Warriors media day at Rakuten Performance Centre in Oakland, California Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to CBS Sports, the news is still the same for the other half of the Golden State splash brothers. Coach Kerr confirmed that Klay Thompson is not likely to suit up for the season.

Coach Kerr is also aware that even if Curry does come sometime in March, it will not be enough to lift the Warriors back in playoff contention. But it can provide valuable insight on next seasons roster. There are also tangible benefits in finishing poorly this season, which is getting a high draft pick this coming selection. Golden State already has a championship-caliber team (If they are not laden with injuries), getting a super-rookie next year will strengthen their roster.