Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to be greeted by 25,000 fans in his new club Al Nassr's Mrsool Park stadium when the Portuguese superstar is presented to them for the first time
Cristiano Ronaldo now plays for Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr. AFP News

Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has proven once again that he has a heart of gold. The Al-Nassr forward has reportedly sent a plane loaded with aid worth an estimated $350,000 (£290k) to the victims of the series of devastating earthquakes that rocked Turkey and Syria last month.

While it has been difficult to ascertain the exact numbers, the death toll across the southern region of Turkey and both the government and rebel controlled areas of Syria has now reached upwards of 50,000 casualties. Apart from the lives lost, billions worth of damages to property and historical sites can hardly be estimated.

Aid has been staggering in from countries around the world, and now according to Marca, Ronaldo has joined the global effort to help those affected. Ronaldo's plane reportedly flew in much needed supplied such as tents, food packages, beds, pillows and blankets for those who have lost their homes and are now living in evacuation sites or out in the streets.

The former Manchester United star also sent baby food and milk as well as crucial medical supplies to help those affected.

Ronaldo has not personally confirmed the reports, but numerous media outlets have already picked up the story.

Ronaldo's generosity

If the reports are true, this won't be the first time for the Portuguese footballer to show his generous spirit. He was previously reported to have paid for a child's brain surgery worth $83,000 (£69k).

Ronaldo has also been a longtime supporter of NGOs such as UNICEF, Save the Children and World Vision. During the height of the devastation caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Ronaldo reportedly donated $1 million (£830k) to hospitals in his native Portugal. He is also known to have made a sizable donation to a cancer center there.

How much does Ronaldo earn at Al Nassr?

Much has been said about Ronaldo's transfer to Saudi Pro League side Al-Nassr at the end of December 2022 after he had earlier launched a very public dispute with Manchester United executives and manager Erik ten Hag. His contract was terminated prematurely on mutual agreement in the middle of the 2022-23 season, and he was left without a club for a few months while the 2022 FIFA World Cup was being played.

However, a player of Ronaldo's calibre was not going to remain unemployed for very long. By the end of the year, it was announced that he had reached an agreement with Al Nassr for a two-year deal worth $200 million (£166m) per annum.

The staggering amount makes Ronaldo the highest paid player in the world despite already being 37 years old. He now earns nearly half a million pounds per day, which is something that even the top footballers in Europe could only dream about.

What makes Ronaldo so special?

While his salary is eye-watering, the club's owners knew exactly what they were doing when they signed Ronaldo. After spending most of his career in the biggest clubs in Europe such as Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United, Ronaldo has won the Ballon d'Or five times.

He also boasts a total of five UEFA Champions League titles among dozens of other domestic trophies. He has also won a mountain of other individual accolades both on the domestic and international stage, making him the most followed athlete on social media.

As Portugal captain, Ronaldo has led his countrymen to the European Championship trophy and the UEFA Nations League title. He also holds the record as the top scorer in football history with 824 goals to his name and counting.

His shine has not faded despite pushing forty. In February, he was named the Roshn Saudi League Player of the Month. While being no stranger to hauling silverware, Ronaldo still expressed his joy at picking up his first individual award since making the move to Saudi Arabia.

He also shared his desire to win many more, saying: "Happy to win the February Player of the month award for the Roshn Saudi League. Hopefully the 1st of many! Proud to be part of this team."