Bitcoin round-up
As bitcoin prices settle back down, dogecoin is holding its first conference and bitcoin mining rigs sell out. IBTimes UK

And on the seventh day, the cryptocurrency markets rested - somewhat.

After a week of turbulence where we've seen bitcoin's price fluctuate between lows of $355 and highs of $540, the last 24 hours has been relatively quite.

Bitcoin is down slightly, dragging down the rest of the altcoins around it with dogecoin and peercoin both down more than 10% in the last day.

The only major cryptocurrency to make any significant gain was auroracoin, with the Icelandic cryptocurrency up more than 20% in the last 24 hours, though still way down compared to almost a month ago when its Airdrop took place.

Dogecon SF Party

Dogecon SF - Dogecoin conference

The dogecoin community is among the most entertaining and vibrant - not to mention generous - on the internet. The community has already had a couple of informal meet-ups, but it is now getting its first official conference.

Dogecon SF Party is not so much a conference as a celebration of all things doge and all things crypto. It will feature talks by dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer along with the founder of litecoin Charlie Lee.

There will also be a message from the mysterious Hood, who has been distributing huge amounts of dogecoin to the poor and needy, along with appearances by the creator of DogeTipBot David Dvorak and Doge4Water founder Eric Nakagawa.

There will of course be a costume contest with Jackson Palmer will be rewarding the winner with the most attendee votes 100,000 doge.

Palmer said: San Francisco is the tech capital of the world, so it's only fitting that it's hosting Dogecon - the shibe party to end all shibe parties - well... at least until the next one. It's going to be an amazing night, and our biggest dogecoin event yet so I encourage all shibes to come from near or far to talk doge and have some fun."

The event is being organised by Follow the Coin, a cryptocurrency publication and market data aggregator, and will be held on 25 April in the Wordpress headquarters in San Francisco.

You can reserve you ticket for the event here.

Will the real Satoshi Nakamoto please stand up?

Last month we had all the hullabaloo about Newsweek's explosive expose of Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto as the creator of bitcoin. Within hours the story was being widely discredited and now only the Newsweek team remain staunchly behind the story.

Now a group of UK researchers claim they have come up with another candidate based on matching the language used in the bitcoin white paper against the writings of 11 of the main bitcoin suspects.

The result is that Nick Szabo, a former economics professor, has been identified as the most likely candidate. This is not the first time Szabo has been fingered as bitcoin's creator, but without any further evidence, the search to identify the person (s) responsible will have to continue.

KnCMiner sells out of bitcoin miners

Neptune bitcoin mining rig
Neptune bitcoin mining rig

Swedish bitcoin mining rig manufacturer, KnCMiner, has announced that it has sold all of its initial run of converted 3 TH/s Jupiter machines.

That 400 converted orders equates to $4 million in one week and shows that the appetite for bitcoin mining is showing no signs of waning.

The company has also announced its Mini Neptune (1.5 TH/s costing $3495) and Mini Titan scrypt miner (150 MH/s costing $5395), which are new products aimed at allowing aspiring bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin miners to jump into the pool at a more affordable price of entry.