The world premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" was held in New York on 16 July, with a host of celebrities and beautiful women in attendance.

The Daily Mail reports that Anne Hathaway, who stars in the film as Catwoman, caused a stir among the waiting photographers in a Grecian-style gown which boasted jewelled detailing on the bust, a cowl back and a dramatic flowing train.

French actress Marion Cotillard, who also appears in the film as Bruce Wayne's associate Miranda Tate, wore a youthful cream-coloured frock with ruffled net skirt and sparkling silver heels. Juno Temple, the rising independent film star who plays a streetwise Gotham girl, donned a little black dress with matching shoes.

Alongside Batman's female stars, the partners of the film's male cast members took the chance to wow the paparazzi with their daring fashion sense. Tom Hardy's fiancee, Charlotte Rile, wore a short blue dress, while Gary Oldman's wife Alexandra Edenborough wore a purple and black coloured designer wear, matching it with purple heels.

Meanwhile, Christan Bale, batman himself, spoke about his experiences in the Batman trilogy as the series is coming to an end.

"There's a scene where Michale Caine's character, Alfred, and myself as Bruce are sitting on the plane and we first talk about the symbol of Batman and who he is and why. That really sets up what is going to happen for the next three movies," Bale told MTV.

MTV also spoke to Bale's cast mates to find out which are their favourite scenes.

"Well, in the first film, it's the part where Wayne Manor is burning down, and Bruce Wayne is trapped underneath that beam and Alfred comes and says the words that his father had said to him, 'why do we fall?' and he pushes it up. That gets me going every time," Anne Hathway said.

For Gary Oldman, it was his first scene in the movie, where he gets out of his car and sees the criminals already beaten.

Check out the photos to see Batman beauties grace the red carpet: