The final line up has been announced for the Develop in Brighton games conference, with representatives from Eidos, Codemasters, Valve, Bioware Mythic, Gaikai and Blitz Games Studios all set to take part.

Develop in Brighton Games Conference Full Programme Announced

Organiser Tandem Events has listed a programme of over 100 sessions that cross eight specific tracks: Art; Business; Coding; Design; Evolve; Production; Visionaries; and Education. The last two tracks in the list are new to the 2012 conference.

Tuesday 10 July hosts the Evolve conference, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 July include the Develop Conference, Develop Expo, Indie Showcase and Indie Dev Marketing strands and Thursday 12 July is the Indie Dev Day and Audio track of events.

Highlights for 2012 include the Evolve strand keynote speech from Valve's director of business development Jason Holtman.

Holtman will be talking on the topic 'Everyone's Business is Business' and explaining how Valve operates a flat, no-management structure in which traditional business functions are not artificially separated from the individuals developing content and features.

Eugene Evans, VP and studio general manager at EA's Bioware Mythic, will give the opening keynote on day two.

His topic 'A Survivors Guide: 30 years in Videogames' will look at the disruptive ramifications of today's free-to-play and digital distribution systems, while also taking in the shifting hardware landscape of the post-iOS, post-Facebook era.

Meanwhile, James Zhang, founder and CEO at Concept Art House, will give the Art strand keynote with the title 'Evolution of Art in Social and Mobile Games'.

Gaikai's David Perry, Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone, David Braben with Raspberry Pi and Blitz Games Studios' Philip Oliver will all speak at events under the new Visionaries series.

A free screening of Indie Game: The Movie will also be held by UKIE on 10 July at the Odeon Cinema on the Brighton seafront.

Now in its seventh year, the early bird registration deadline for Develop in Brighton passes on 13 June, 2012.