A Press Association report states there has been an increase in the adoption of a specific breed of puppies, as a direct result of the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations. Apparently the popularity of Pembroke Welsh corgis - believed to be Her Majesty's favourite breed - has skyrocketed.

The PA report states that since the start of the year a total of 5,783 people have searched for this particular breed on the popular Web site Find a Puppy. There was a 10 percent increase in the number of Pembroke Welsh corgis registered with the Kennel Club in the first three months of 2012, compared with the same time last year.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

In addition, searches for the Cardigan Welsh corgi, an endangered breed which is cousin to the Pembroke Welsh, have gone up by a staggering 59 percent for the first four months of 2012, as compared to last year. All in all, a total of 2,231 people searched for Cardigan Welsh corgis and 17 were registered for the first quarter of 2012, as compared to 10 for the same period in 2011.

Meanwhile, the trend has also been observed by the Daily Mail, which quoted Caroline Kisko, the secretary of the Kennel Club, as saying it was heartening to see the rise in the breeds' popularity.

"Sadly dog breeds go in and out of fashion, so after a long period of worrying decline for the Corgi breeds it is reassuring to see an increase in numbers. It is a wonderful tribute to the Queen that the popularity of her chosen breed and its cousin, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, has increased in her Diamond Jubilee year, which will have raised people's awareness of the breeds," Kisko said.

According to CBC News too, Corgi puppies have become increasingly popular and reportedly some bloggers have gone to the extent of calling the breed "the new cat". In fact, a hotel in the UK is offering free stays for corgis, through the month of June.

"We are very patriotic and we also love dogs so we thought this would be a fitting tribute. Welsh in origin, there are very few corgis in Cumbria but when they visit they will feel right at home. We invited Ferguson, the only Cumbrian corgi we know to join us for afternoon tea with owner Jen Cartmel from Clever-DogTraining School. 'Ferg's' was a fantastic model for our photo shoot and enjoyed sitting in front of the fire, running in the gardens and admiring our afternoon tea. Certainly very well behaved!" Kit Graves, Director of Lake District Hotel Group said.

The corgi's newfound popularity has pleased everyone.

"Whilst we must not be complacent we are very happy to see an increased interest in our wonderful breed. The Diamond Jubilee and the fact that a Cardigan Welsh Corgi recently won its Group at Crufts are both factors that are increasing people's awareness of the Corgi breeds," Karen Hewitt, Chairman of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association, said in a Kennel Club report.

Finally, the Queen's love of the corgi (and dogs in general) was highlighted by Google, in their doodle tribute to Her Majesty. The doodle marking diamond jubilee celebrations included two corgis - the Queen's dogs - and a silhouette of the monarch with the letter "E" encrusted in the crown.

The letter stands for the fact that tragically the Pembroke Welsh corgi is facing extinction. It is, however, hoped that with the Queen's continuing support and more cheer on the occasion of the diamond jubilee weekend and celebrations, the dogs will survive.

The corgi breed was introduced to the royal family by King George VI in 1933. The Queen has three Pembroke Welsh corgis and three corgis.