Google Doodle celebrates the 60<sup>th anniversary of the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II with a special graphic representation in its homepage of 15 countries in the Commonwealth realm where the Queen is the head of the state.

The special doodle image features the Queen in a blue silhouette with her flowing blue robe of diamond patterns and golden border. Two of her beloved dogs are also featured in the doodle.

The breed, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is the favourite of the Queen and it was reported that the sale of puppies from this breed have even gone up in Britain ahead of the diamond jubilee.

The image replaces the two 'O' from the search engine's name with two diamonds while the letter 'E' sits on the top of the Queen's crown.

The doodle has blue as the primary colour suggesting royalty and the dogs in the graphic stands for Queen's love for the animals.

It is very rare for the Google to celebrate a living legacy in its homepage.

Google Doodle
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Google Doodle, Image: Google Screen Grab

Extensive celebrations are planned for the diamond jubilee celebrations across the UK commencing on Saturday till Tuesday.

On Saturday, the Queen makes the traditional visit to the Epsom Derby to watch the thoroughbreds race.

The banks of the River Thames are expected to host thousands of cheering crowds who would be gathering to witness the spectacular diamond jubilee river pageant on Sunday.

A flotilla of over a thousand ships would sail down the Thames.

The diamond jubilee concert, a music tribute to the Queen, would take place on Monday night on the roof of the Buckingham palace.

On Tuesday, the royals would attend the service of thanksgiving at the St Paul's Cathedral. The four day celebrations would come to an end with the Queen appearing on Buckingham Palace's balcony to acknowledge the millions of people.