While Microsoft is saying it has sold over a million Xbox One units within 24 hours of launch on Friday, numerous early bird users have reported broken disc drives among other problems with the console.

Users with faulty units hear nasty grinding and rattling noises as soon as hey insert game discs or movies into the drive. The drives refuse to run games and movies on the discs, thereby rendering the consoles somewhat useless.

In response to this, the company has agreed to replace faulty consoles. Apart from this the affected customers will also get free games, Microsoft said. Users facing problems have been requested to get in touch with Microsoft's customer support.

"The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers," Microsoft said in a statement. "We're working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange programme."

Affected users will get free games

"While a replacement console is on the way, we want to ensure our advance exchange customers can stay in the game. We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft studios."

Since these games come straight from Microsoft, the company loses close to nothing by offering these downloads. In return, it has the potential to win some serious goodwill from its customers and fans.

User complaints and reaction

Have a look at this complaint from an Xbox One Customer on Amazon.Co.UK: "Failed to read disc and now won't even eject it. Another gen of dysfunctional consoles from MS, this in unacceptable. I hoped they had learnt from their mistakes."

Here is another customer complaint on the same e-commerce site: "For those of you who've bought an Xbox One as a gift for Christmas, my advice would be try it before you wrap it up and put it under the tree. If you don't, you may have tears on Christmas morning when your console doesn't work."

Apart from posting on Microsoft's support forum and writing scathing reviews on e-commerce sites like Amazon, several users even created YouTube videos that showed the problem, which is being called as "Disc Drive of Doom" or "Disc Drive of Death" in some circles. Check out a compilation of these videos by a user below.

Xbox's expansive launch line-up might be key to is success

The Xbox One happens to be Microsoft's first gaming console in eight years. Back in 2005, it came out with the Xbox 360, which went on to become one of the most dominant gaming consoles in the world.

Owing to a star-studded launch line-up of games, plus some exciting exclusive titles that are in the pipeline, Microsoft hopes to sell millions of units of the new console during this holiday season. Check out some of the most exciting titles that are coming soon to the Xbox One over here.