While Dishonored was released in October 2012, Thief will soon enter the list of games carried by PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, as stated by Eidos Montreal in a recent interview.

Thief's core game-play will remain the same across all platforms although it will have minor technical changes for the latest PS4 and Xbox One to give users a better audio and visual experience.

The Dishonored game-play resembles some features of Thief. Both games share a dark, mysterious theme to engage the gamer.

Thief (Courtesy: www.thiefgame.com)
Thief (www.thiefgame.com)

Introduced at the recent E3 trade fair in Los Angeles, the Thief story is based on a character who develops his skills across the game to face a despotic ruler-baron. Thief is a first-person game in which the player is the protagonist.

With huge maps created by Eidos Montreal Productions, the character has the potential to explore dark lanes and rooftops. The player has access to a range of weapons and skill-sets to help the character eliminate its enemies. The game is graphic-rich, making the visuals more realistic.

The storyline of Dishonored, meanwhile, features a character driven to become an assassin, taking vital decisions that determine the fate of the world. As in Thief, the city environment around the character is controlled by the brutal government.

Dishonored is a first person shooter game like Thief in which the character has to perform assassinations based on his abilities and gadgets. While Thief has a more realistic approach, Dishonored has an element of supernatural powers where the character is able to teleport, possess any living creature and can even stop time. The play style and approach to each mission deliver varied results, determining future acts in the game.

Dishonored (Courtesy: www.dishonored.com)
Dishonored (Courtesy: www.dishonored.com)

While Dishonored is created on the Unreal 3 game engine, Thief is a production of Dark Engine which is also responsible for creating the previous versions of Thief. The graphics for Dishonored have few differences from those of Thief as the Dark Engine reportedly carries the same graphic effects used in Quake and nearly the same environment animations and textures used in Unreal 3.

It is rumoured that Dishonored will enter the PS4 and Xbox One list of launch titles. Currently the game is available only for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for £15.99 for both consoles and £11.99 for PC on Amazon UK. On the other hand, Thief's price is still a secret, though it is due for release in 2014.