Dominic West as King Charles III
Dominic West as Prince Charles in a scene from "The Crown" Season 6. Photo: The Crown/X The Crown/X

Dominic West was clearly bothered by what the public thinks of the Netflix series "The Crown". So much so, that he spent two days in bed after reading their reviews.

The actor, who played Prince Charles in seasons five and six of the series, admitted that he is "a sensitive soul". Aside from being affected by the royal family's reaction, he also worries "about what people think" about the show.

The 54-year-old got candid about the weight of "The Crown" in an interview on BBC Radio 4's "Today" show. He said: "All reactions worry me. You know, I read all the reviews and I spent two days in bed."

West also shared his relief at the end of the series because now he can move on to working on other projects, including the theatre production of "A View from the Bridge". He jokingly said: "It's such a relief to now go back to theater and not have to talk about the monarchy anymore."

The actor admitted that he was initially hesitant to take on the role of Prince Charles. But ultimately, he grew to love the part and working on the series.

He alluded to its showrunner, Peter Morgan, and added: "You don't turn down a Peter Morgan script very easily. He's such a great writer and it's such a great show and I love being on it."

West also shared what he misses about working on "The Crown" which he had loved doing. He said with a laugh: "I loved wearing the clothes. I loved driving the cars, and I loved having people bow to me. It's an absolutely wonderful feeling. I miss it."

The actor shared the same sentiment in an interview earlier in January this year. He said that he misses the feeling of being treated like royalty, now that he is back to his normal life at home with his wife Catherine FitzGerald and their children.

He said in jest: "It is not easy. You get used to people bowing to you, and then you go home and your kids, no one's bowing anymore." On his role as Prince Charles he admitted: "It's not an easy thing to give up. I'm going to miss him."

West has since admitted that taking on the role of the now-monarch on "The Crown" changed his perception of the royal family. He credits Morgan for imagining them "so brilliantly and base grounds them very firmly in whatever facts we have". He then "came to empathise much more, certainly, with Charles and feel a sympathy for him."