A young woman who died after being buried under landslide on a beach in Dorset has been named by her uncle as Charlotte Blackman from Derbyshire.

A range of rescue workers, including sniffer dogs and helicopters had been hunting for Ms Blackman after 400 tonnes of rocks fell on her. Witnesses said Ms Blackman was walking along the beach with her boyfriend and his father when they were caught up in the landslip.

The beach forms part of the historic Jurassic Coast, from Swanage in Dorset to Exmouth in Devon, sections of which have been crumbling into the sea for years. Just Last week, Dorset Council issued a warning to visitors and walkers of the risk of landslides, following the heavy rain.

Emergency services believe the heavy rain over the last few weeks combined with the recent heat wave caused the landslip. This latest landslide occurred just two weeks after a similar rock fall killed an elderly couple just nine miles away.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter