Cast members of the TV drama Downton Abbey
Cast members of the TV drama Downton Abbey after winning an award Reuters

The stars of the hit period drama, Downton Abbey have been told to watch their weight by the show's creator Julian Fellowes.

The Sun reported that ITV network that airs UK's popular show is concerned by the extra weight some actors are putting on between filming.

The show's creator Julian Fellowes himself admitted that the selection of sandwiches laid out for the cast and crew can be very tempting for the taste buds, but the actors have been asked to cut back on the supplies, so that they don't outgrow their costumes.

Fellowes was quoted saying: "The feeling is there's not a better egg sandwich in England. But the cast have asked to cut down on supplies so they can't be tempted."

Between takes and re-takes some actors are munching through a "loaf's worth of sarnies", he added.

Rob James-Collier, who plays footman Thomas Barrow in the show, added: "The biggest challenge is keeping the weight off between scenes."

Downton Abbey is currently filming its fifth series, which will air later this year. Fellowes recently hinted that a sixth series is already in the works.

"I would be amazed if there wasn't another series after this one," he said.

Earlier this week Downton Abbey was nominated for the Emmys and the show will go head-to-head with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones at this year's Emmy for for the Outstanding Drama Series award.

Downton's stars namely, Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Jim Carter and Joanne Froggatt were also nominated for the Emmys.