Rob Van Dam, who is regarded as one of the greatest ECW stars, has revealed that he could make his WWE return soon. However, the WWE legend did not specify whether he would return to fight.

The wrestler said he will reveal more details on his return to the wrestling entertainment company in the coming days. "More info soon," the 46-year-old told a fan in a Twitter exchange.

When another fan asked if he would have another run in the company, he replied: "Maybe".

When a third fan asked the wrestler as to whether he would be participating in an independent wrestling promotion in Australia in June, to which he replied: "Nope but it looks like I'll be coming in August." The WWE revealed that the company would be touring Australia, but has not announced any dates as yet.

Rob's return to the WWE seems likely as the company will be looking to bring in another former superstar to replace Goldberg, who is set for a final fight against Brock Lesnar in a rematch at WrestleMania 33, the biggest pay-per-view show that it holds every year. Goldberg returned with a fight against the Beast Incarnate at Survivor Series in 2016.

If Rob does return to the WWE, he would just kick off his third run with the company with a fight against Neville as he has earlier showed interest in taking on the wrestler on the Bill Apter's Is Wrestling Fixed podcast.

Rob initially left the company in 2007 following his fight with Randy "The Viper" Orton. He returned for a second WWE run in 2013, but quit again in 2014.

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