Polling day is finally here and with more influence in their little finger than some of the political parties combined, it is only right that countless celebrities including Professor Green and Russell Brand have their say.

The last few months have seen the likes of David Cameron and Ed Miliband exploit the popularity of social media and reach out to the masses via a number of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube while on the campaign trail.

Historically, Labour Party has benefited most from celebrity endorsements, but thanks to social media the divisive support is even more evident this year. While some stars have voiced their own political affiliation, others have focused their energy on encouraging their fans not to relinquish their right to vote.

IBTimes UK rounds up the reality stars, vloggers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs and athletes who haven't shied away from voicing which party they want at 10 Downing Street for the next five years or have been busy flying the flag of democracy.


British actress Natascha McElhone is adding some glamour to British politics.


For football icon Gary Lineker 'mum's the word' when it comes to his vote. Guess he is not too keen on being ripped apart like Andy Murray was during the Scottish referendum.



Everyone's least favourite columnist Katie Hopkins declared her plan to "leave the country" if Miliband was made prime minister.


Considering he now earns enough to feel the pinch of the mansion tax, maybe Labour shouldn't count on rapper Professor Green's vote.