Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding has revealed that she and Dougie Poynter share a strong bond Reuters/Cathal McNaughton

Singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding has opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Dougie Poynter. The 29-year-old spoke about the couple's temporary split.

"When I met Dougie, he had no game. He was just like, 'you're really cool, let's go out'. It was me that pursued him, a bit, very unexpectedly," the On My Mind singer told Red Magazine about the pair's relationship.

"Before him, I was having a single period and hating all men, saying never again, after a series of things that happened to me. I really, really thought I was going to be single for a long while. But then I met him and was like, uh-oh, game over. He was just so nice. So, you know, you don't throw something like that away so easily," Goulding added.

Adding on, the Love Me Like You Do singer talked about her hectic schedule. She said: "I had to pay for me and the band to have IV vitamin drips. Can you believe it? Backstage at Alan Carr and we're all sat there on drips. The last month has been really testing, on everything, on my sanity. The music industry isn't like other industries – there are no rules about working hours, or taking breaks. A working day will start with a 4am flight and finish at 3am the next day."

"Sometimes I don't have time to eat in the day. I go, are we gonna get lunch? And everyone around me is like... [sharp intake of breath that signifies "No".] But, even when you've made the money, people still want to do the thing they love. I know in my heart that if I stopped doing this I would probably get depressed. I'd end up very free – but very miserable," she revealed.