UGREEN's Nexode Power Bank series
UGREEN's Nexode Power Bank series

Power banks can be hit-or-miss regarding the reliability of having a portable power source on the go. You can have a light power bank but only store enough electric juice for a round of charging for your smartphone. You can also have a bulky power bank that takes up so much space in your carry-on, which you later struggle to carry for the most part in your travel escapade.

So is there really a suitable choice out there, especially for people who are always on the go? There is!

UGREEN's Nexode Power Bank series is the perfect addition for your travel needs–and even just for a typical on-the-go commute or excursion. These nifty gadget series are all powered with 100W+ output, which can not only meet the fast charging needs but also provide emergency power supply for laptops during business trips. With its innovative column design, the product has a better grip and can easily fit in carry-on luggage.

Imagine being on a long flight and your laptop is about to die, or you're on a road trip and your phone is running out of battery – all these can be powered with UGREEN's power capabilities, which can meet fast charging needs and provide an emergency power supply for gadgets while mobile.

Here's a closer look at these nifty gadgets, as done by our IBT UK team who were able to try both power banks:

Beef Up Your Charging With A Nexode Power Bank 20000mAH, 130W

Nexode Power Bank 20000mAH, 130W
Nexode Power Bank 20000mAH, 130W

If you want a proper, durable power bank that truly packs a bunch while on travel, then having one like the UGREEN Nexode Power Bank 20,000mAh 130W is the perfect power companion. First, its advanced column design with internal stacking can maximise space utilisation. Moreover, the power bank is lightweight, compact, and easily fits into a bag or can be held on the palm, perfect for light travel.

Despite its compact build, the product also has an automotive grade 21700 Lithium-ion power cell and Thermal Guard™ System & V-0 flame retardant casing. With this, you can always be assured that the power bank will last much longer than off-market power bank brands.

Generally speaking, the power bank is relatively easy to use, with clear indicators for battery level and simple operation for charging devices. Multiple output ports allow simultaneous charging of multiple devices, performing well in real-world scenarios and providing reliable charging for various devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The 130W charger is a powerhouse, offering the best of both worlds in terms of overall charging capacity and smart capabilities. With a 130W Two-Port Charging configuration, you can charge two devices together, empowering you to work on your laptop and fast-charge smartphones simultaneously. The TFT Smart Display keeps you informed about your current energy juice percentage, giving you full control over your charging experience.

Moreover, this charger meets performance expectations by delivering consistent power output and maintaining charge capacity over time. This power bank demonstrates high reliability, consistently charging devices without issues. When compared with its competitors at the same capacity and power, the Nexode charger is lighter at only 480 grams.

After regular use, the power bank maintains its structural integrity and performance, indicating good durability. In short, the UGREEN Nexode Power Bank 20000mAh 130W is perfect for users who require substantial power on the go, such as remote workers, or anyone needing to charge multiple devices regularly.

Lighter Yet Reliable Charging With The UGREEN Nexode PowerBank 12,000mAh 100W

UGREEN Nexode PowerBank 12,000mAh 100W
UGREEN Nexode PowerBank 12,000mAh 100W

Do you want a proper power bank that's reliable but lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere? Then, the UGREEN Nexode PowerBank 12,000mAh 100W is a great alternative for you if you want a lightweight power source on your short excursions.

This power bank has a 100W super fast charging and 65W fast recharging, powered by a 12000mAh large capacity battery pack. With this, you can charge two devices together for 10W each by using USB-C and USB-A ports respectively–or you can opt to charge a single device for the maximum 100W power. Moreover, this power bank has broad compatibility with more than 1000 devices.

Aside from the multiple ports present, this power bank excels in its fast charging feature, often exceeding performance expectations, particularly regarding charging speed and capacity. The 100W Power Bank is not just about performance, it's also about safety.

With 13-layer safety protection for your automotive-grade 18650 Lithium-ion power cell, a Thermal Guard™ System, and a V-0 flame-retardant casing, this power bank is designed to keep you and your devices safe. You can rest assured that it can handle any situation that may arise during your short excursion. And at only 309 grams, it's one of the lightest options to be offered.


Whether navigating a bustling city, travelling to a remote destination, or simply managing your daily errands, a reliable power bank like the UGREEN Nexode series is a game-changer. Its sleek design, robust capacity, and fast charging capabilities ensure you can keep your devices powered up and ready to go, no matter where life takes you. So, next time you're packing your bag, don't forget your trusty power bank – it's your ticket to staying charged and connected on the go.