Steven Austin was just another wrestler in the pro-wrestling scene before he made his name as "Stone Cold" in the WWE. He joined the WWF, now known as the WWE, as "The Ringmaster" in 1995.

Before he joined the Vince McMahon-owned federation, Austin was just a mid-card wrestler whose talents went unnoticed at the WCW, which was then run by Eric Bischoff.

The WCW and WWF were involved in a ratings war that saw the former promotion bring in talents such as Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall among others. However, the WWF eventually came out on top after WCW went on a downward spiral caused by numerous financial and creative missteps. Bischoff has been blamed from those years he ran WCW.

Bischoff, who later worked as general manager of Raw, spoke to the "Brooklyn Brawler" Steven Lombardi on the recent Bischoff On Wrestling Overrun. During the interview, Lombardi asked one of the many things that Bischoff has been blamed for in pro-wrestling history.

Lombardi asked if Bischoff was the one who fired the Texas Rattlesnake from the WCW because the latter thought he could not make money off Austin. Bischoff not only said that he fired Austin, but also revealed why he really fired Austin from WCW all those years ago.

"I fired Steve because he was perennially injured and he had a bad attitude and he blew me off on the phone. It had nothing to do with whether or not I thought he could make money. But that made good narrative," he said.

Austin could have his own opinion on the matter but there is no denying that leaving WCW turned out to be the best thing for him.

Steve Austin
Former WWE superstar 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin