"Stone Cold" Steve Austin quit the WWE in 2002 after he was told to fight Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw. The match was planned so as to build the Beast Incarnate as the "The Next Big Thing" in the company.

Shane McMahon recently revealed that his father Vince was devastated when the Texas Rattlesnake left the federation at a time when the former wrestler was the superstar who "was drawing the houses and everything was built around him".

"So when you have that much equity at stake and you have your number one player in there and that's the one who draws money all of a sudden say, 'I'm out,' well, it's very devastating, obviously, to everyone else underneath and everyone felt it, just like, 'wow', so [Austin] specifically, you let a lot of people down," Shane said on The Steve Austin Show.

Austin has also opened up about the walkout incident, saying that he did not like the storyline as he felt the script "didn't make sense from a booking standpoint". He also said he wished he had told Vince about how he felt about the script man to man.

Now, Bruce Prichard has revealed how The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar reacted to Austin leaving the WWE.

"The Undertaker was pissed off. I think everybody was just pissed off and upset cause, you know. They felt like he walked out on them," Prichard on his podcast, Something To Wrestle With, said.

"Brock had no idea of the proposed match or that he was supposed to go over Steve or anything. So, I don't know if Brock had any reaction whatsoever because it never got to that point with him. They had pitched Steve, and Vince was still going back and forth with Steve at that point."

"I'm sure Paul probably let Brock know what the proposed match was, but no I don't think Brock was anywhere in a point of; I don't wanna say not caring one way or another but, it wasn't to that point for it to matter."

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