All those years you played FIFA in your family home, university dorm, shoebox apartment, house, and family home of your own may not be for nothing - particularly if you are one of those players who never seemed to lose a game.

The Interactive FIFA World Cup has taken the sports gaming world by storm, and it isn't hard to see why, with footballers and fans alike all spending hours every day, week, month and year dedicating their time to a game that comes as close as ever to mimicking the real thing on the pitch.

As we show up to the UK final event, held in Oxford St, I feel a little out of place surrounded by a large group of video game experts, who all seem to know one another and be aware of each other's abilities on the interactive pitch.

Taking part in group stages, followed by the winners facing off, a lot is at stake, with an all-expenses paid trip to New York on the cards and the chance to compete against 23 other FIFA experts for the $20,000 prize.

The vast majority of players play as Real Madrid or Barcelona, though surprisingly more prefer to be Real Madrid. One player selects Tottenham, and spectators watch in awe as he squares up against the best with a clear underdog side. While he lost, it was good to see some variety in an otherwise very predictable team selection.

The final was played by, surprise surprise, Real Madrid against Real Madrid, and Ty Walton beat out Adam Johnson to win the coveted trip to New York. Walton made the final in 2011, and said he couldn't be happier to reach such high heights in the world of FIFA once more.

"I was delighted to be back again challenging for the Qualifier event here in London, so knowing that I've secured a place at the Grand Final is a dream come true," he said after the tense match.

"My experience at the 2011 Grand Final in Los Angeles was unbelievable so hopefully I can go back and win the tournament outright this year.

"The competition tonight was really strong as expected but I managed to pull a few tricks out of the bag to clinch a victory in the Final."

Premier League stars Dickson Etuhu and Jay Bothroyd both attended the final, and were rather intimidated by the competitors' ability, despite being big fans of the game themselves.

Etuhu admitted that it was strange to see himself as a part of such an iconic game, but said that was part of the fun for professional footballers.

"It's strange, you always want to use the ball as yourself, you always want to keep passing to yourself," he said at the event. "You try and do things you're not good at! But it's fun, and it's a great honour, to turn on a computer game and see yourself on it."

As well as earning a $20,000 prize, the winner of the Interactive FIFA World Cup will gain entry into the FIFA Ballon d'Or.

Dickson Etuhu and Jay Bothroyd attended the UK final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup on EA SPORTS' FIFA 12, which was won by Ty Walton. Players can still compete online through their PLAYSTATION 3. For more information, visit